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Adult Viewing Cards

Spice Platinum


Encryption standard

Spice Platinum

Product Description

Spice Platinum Television uses the best producers from mainland-Europe, the UK and America to deliver high quality programming throughout the night - between 2100 - 0300 UK time.

At Spice you will find the hottest and highest-quality films you have ever seen. Spice Platinum schedules more premieres, fewer repeats and constant variety to increase viewer loyalty and maximize revenues. Only Spice Platinum shows one premiere each night.

To view this channel you will require an 80cm dish with Universal LNB, and a digital set-top box with IRDETO in-built or Common Interface set-top box with IRDETO CI CAM.


- 12 month official smartcard
- Encrypted in IRDETO II
- Broadcasting via Hot Bird at 13 degrees east
- Broadcast hours 2000 - 0300 UK time
- Transponder 11.096 GHz H
- Symbol Rate 27500, FEC 3/4